#BorderSurgeSelfie Project

Lots of people support sending more border enforcement to our communities because they don’t know what the border is really like and believe whatever politicians in Austin and the media tell them.

This project is meant to show our fellow Texans outside the valley and other border regions what sending troops and patrols really means to border communities.

How to participate:


DPS troopers are all over west Hidalgo County in areas where lots of immigrants live and work #BorderSurgeSelfie

1. Take a selfie with any representation of border militarization/surveillance/patrols you feel is directed at border communities, threatens your rights or liberties, or disturbs the peace of our area. That could be all the DPS troopers patrolling our communities, national guard posts, border patrol surveillance equipment, etc. Great pics could have any DPS vehicle in background (lots would show the sheer number of them down here), a hotel parking lot full of DPS or border patrol vehicle, any military-looking equipment, like automatic weapons or armored vehicles. Make sure not to get too close to border patrol since they could try to confiscate your camera (probably illegally if you’re not interfering with their duties, but better to avoid the situation).

2. Post it on social media with the hashtag #BorderSurgeSelfie and a short message saying how it feels to be watched/patrolled/have military presence in our communities.

3. If you have space, tag @jmtorr on Twitter so I can find your posts easily!

I will compile all the pics I find and put them on the blog at sonaorillasdelrio.wordpress.com


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