How-To: Find Out If Someone Has Voted (Hidalgo County)

This tutorial is mean to help organizers who are making sure their members and supporters who have committed to vote actually do so. This is also meant to help those who have a system like Catalist or VAN that takes forever to update and is incomplete when it does update.

All screen shots expand when clicked.

Step 1

Check if Voted Step (1)Go to Hidalgo County Elections Department’s website. Click on Early Voting Rosters. This also works for Election Day rosters once they are posted.

Step 2

Check if Voted Step (2)Right click and download the cumulative in-person roster. Each day this file is updated by the county with the previous day’s voters.

Step 3

Check if Voted Step (3)Save the file wherever you want and open the file with Excel.

Step 4

Check if Voted Step (4)Click ‘Yes’ to open it as an Excel spreadsheet. I’m not sure why it gives you this warning.

Step 5

Check if Voted Step (5)Click ‘okay’. Not sure why it gives this warning either.

Step 6

Check if Voted Step (6)Place your cursor on the first row where the headers are. Click the “Sort & Filter” button on the home menu ribbon and select “Filter”.

Step 7

Check if Voted Step (7)You’ll see drop down arrows appear on the headers. Select the drop down arrow next to “LastName”. You’ll see a bunch of options for filtering the last names. For this tutorial we are going to use the check boxes that follow “Text filters.” At the very top, deselect the (Select All) box. This will unselect all the last names.

Step 8

Check if Voted Step (8)Scroll through the list of check boxes until you find the last name of the voter you are looking for. Select the check box next to the last name. This should be the only check box selected. Press okay. The data will filter out all the other last names leaving only those voters with the last name you have selected.

Step 9

Check if Voted Step (9)Scroll through the results to find the vote you are looking for. Verify that this is the correct voter by looking at their voting address.

This is an imperfect system since the voting rosters don’t give ages, meaning that a Fulano Rodriguez and Fulano Jaime Rodriguez might be registered at the same address and you can’t be 100% sure which voted unless both are listed. Also, mail-in voters are not added until Election Day results are posted, I believe. Finally, the voter you are looking for might be registered at a different address than the one you have listed for them, which might require you to double check with the voter before confirming that they indeed voted.

There you go! Please let me know if you find this useful or if you have an easier technique.


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