Organizing Workshops

Using the tug-of-war activity, groups learn the interests of power-holders in order to develop effective organizing strategy and tactics

The following workshops are created to expand the political analysis of organizations working in the immigrant rights movement. By using activities, discussion, and reflection, the workshops help generate ideas for strengthening strategy and reaching out to potential allies.

Please use them, edit them for your purposes, and give me feed back. This will be a growing list, so check back soon for more workshops.

All workshops use principals of Popular Education to increase impact, generate reflection, and allow for feedback. For more examples of popular education dinámicas, check out this page.

    Tug-of-War – Creating Collaborative Strategy – The Tug-of-War activity is used to illustrate that power is a relationship between those in need and those who control access to what those in need, need. The activity is used to illustrate, create or test strategy in a collaborative manner.

    Understanding Anti-Immigrant Legislation Workshop – The workshop explains the recent wave of anti-immigrant bills by putting them into the context of corporate domination of US politics, increasing inequality, and the expansion of Free Trade policies, which has created a formerly well off, now disaffected class of US workers.

    Qué forza al inmigrante salir de su pais? – Propósito: Tener bien entendido el papel que tiene neoliberalismo y medidas de política económica en creando inmigración ilegal; Implicar al Tratado de Libre Comercio entre México, EEUU y Canadá como un problema principal que tiene que ser revocado para poder reducir la necesidad de migrar, la separación de familias y la explotación y opresión de los indocumentados.


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