In the RGV, Mental Health Providers Who Offer Services Regardless of Individual’s Ability to Pay

After attending the Mental Health Conference in Edinburg last month, I’m blown away by the amount of mental health services in the Valley provided by licensed counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists, who offer their services regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

I visited the websites of each of the service providers and picked out the info I thought would be most useful as you decide where to go for help.

This post is aimed at individuals who worry that they cannot afford to seek help for emotional or mental problems, or painful internal, private events that are making it difficult to live a meaningful, fulfilled live. If you have insurance and can afford help, check out this therapist locator tool. Many therapists offer their services using a sliding scale to help you afford their services. Some of the providers listed below may also serve individuals with insurance.

Important: If you are experiencing a crisis, having thoughts of hurting yourself or another person, or considering suicide, call the toll-free crisis line at 877-289-7199.

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